It’s Spreading Like Wildfire


The Coral Springs Fire Explorers do both fire training and medical training. It is a high school program for ages 14-18 which gives them insight on the fire service. “We learn about what being a firefighter means and what they do. We learn the procedures and how to use the hoses and put out fire,” said junior Lucas James.

Not only does the program touch on the main aspects of being a firefighter but it also extends on the practice of Emergency Medical Technician. “I have learned a lot of medical things like giving CPR and applying a tourniquet and alot about equipment,” said junior Joseph Bottin.

This program has members who are charter students which has also helped them develop the path that they would like to pursue in the future. “I do want to be a firefighter and I am also thinking about joining the army in the reserves at the same time,” said junior Lucas James.

To the students this is more than just a program it is about changing lives. “My mom is a nurse of almost 30 years so I’ve grown up around her helping people and I want to help people in the future too,” said junior Isabella SanMarco.

Fire Explorers and what it stands for has significantly impacted the students as well. “This is something I want to do when I get older because my dad was a firefighter so I want to follow in his footsteps,” said junior Aiden Palmer. Joseph Bottin added with his own experience. “This is something that I would like to pursue because I would like to go down the path that my mom is going down and I feel as if I keep going I can fulfill many achievements.”

Fire explorers has strengthened their minds, and has inspired them to spread the message to help others as well. “A piece of advice that I would give to someone who is interested about joining would be that if you’re interested just do it, no ones really good at the beginning but you always have to figure out everything and learn,” said junior Joseph Bottin.