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The truth about your favorite YouTuber

Miranda sings looking at Colleen in disgust

The well known YouTuber Miranda Sings, also known as Colleen Ballinger, took a ride on the cancellation train in late June.

After YouTuber Adam Mclntyre posted an exposé video on YouTube 3 years ago, where he exposes Balinger for being a groomer and a manipulator. Mclntyre shows evidence of grooming by providing old instagram DMs from a group chat from when he was 13 years old. Like many who had come out, none believed McIntyre at the time, and thought he was a hopeless fan, trying to get some publicity, even though he had shown deep emotion and evidence to back up his claim.

After multiple TikTok videos exposing Ballinger’s weird behavior went viral, Mclntyre decided to try again. This time, he contacted other members of the group chat to further back up his claims, and went for round 2. On June 7th, 2023, Mclntyre released “my relationship with colleen ballinger,” where he provided the same amount of evidence, just with the support of other victims like him.

In the video, Mclntyre showed DMs from Ballinger, asking minors their favorite sexual position and other inappropriate subjects. Ballinger also made her fans send videos of them putting tampons in their mouths “as a joke.” She also influenced her fans to attack any loathing spread about her on the internet.

Mclntyre exposed Ballinger for taking his ideas for Youtube and other social media posts without paying or giving him credit. He explained that after exposing Ballinger 3 years ago, he was taken out of group chats and long term friendships ended. After the video, he recovered a long line of hate and death threats from Ballinger’s fans.

But there have been many accounts of Ballinger doing inappropriate things with minors, like photos that went viral of her doing inappropriate poses with her fans during meet and greets, and doing a racist performance of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” while doing blackface.

Ballinger also sent a fan her underwear on live as a joke. Clearly, there is a long line of Balinger doing inappropriate things and calling them jokes.

After a whirl of allegations against her, on June 28, 2023, Ballinger posted a video on youtube titled, “hi.”, where in the description she stated, “I do not condone or support any kind of online bullying or hate towards anyone. Ever.” In the video, she played her ukulele, and broke into song, where she apologized for her actions. In the song, She denies allegations of her being a groomer and states that they were only spread because it was entertaining, since the internet has nothing better to do.

Throughout the song, Balinger repeated the lines, “All aboard, the toxic gossip train, chugging down the tracks of misinformation.” She claimed that the media was manipulating the situation as she sings “You got a one-way ticket to manipulation station”, although there’s evidence showing the allegations were true. Ballinger stated that even though her team told her not to speak on the situation, they never told her not to sing. She also explained that while there were many times she did cruise over the line with fans, that didn’t make her a groomer, she also sings “I just wanted to say that, um, the only thing that I’ve ever groomed is my two Persian cats. I’m not a groomer, just a loser.”

In the song she also mentions that her videos as Miranda Sings were PG-13, hence why they aren’t on the Youtube Kids app. However, just seconds later, she acknowledges that it was her responsibility to decide what was appropriate for kids to see. She later acknowledges her poor jokes and mistakes, and takes full accountability for them, but denies all allegations made against her.

In the same song she sings, “In all seriousness, I do think it’s really important to hold people accountable for their mistakes.”

At the end of the song she states that what she did was a mistake, but the situations she was put in were blown out of proportion.

Later on, she was exposed more for sending inappropriate videos and photos of Trisha Paytas, who she had started a podcast with in early Summer, but was canceled shortly after the allegations.

Her brother, a well known YouTuber, was also exposed for sending kids inappropriate messages and photos. Many of BallIlger’s family was exposed, and I simply can’t see any of them recovering from this.

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