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Nueva Profesora de Español, Sra. Christelle Barthelemy

Kaila White
Ms. Christelle Barthelemy, our new Spanish 1 teacher who joined us this school year, August 2023.

New Spanish 1 Teacher Ms. Barthelemy is helping our students expand their knowledge beyond the English language. She takes the classroom by storm, helping students learn through interactive lessons and fun projects.

“My greatest motivation to work is the youth in general. Because Spanish is not most people’s first language, I was much more driven to teach it in the first place,” said Ms. Barthelemy, “I’ve been along this path of learning as well, and I understand its importance since we live in a world where globalization necessitates the ability to communicate with a diverse population of people”.

Continuing on, she is still in her early stages as an instructor, but her goal in college was to work in the Public Health Department. She holds a Bachelor’s and a Doctorate in health. Soon after graduating from college, she realized she wanted to pursue education and leadership. She also has family members that work in education, such as her step-sister, but the main reason she chose Coral Springs Charter School was its proximity to her home. Regardless, Coral Springs Charter has become a “second home” for her, and she is looking forward to seeing where the school year leads her.

She is originally from Haiti, and Spanish is one of four languages she has studied. She is fluent in French and Haitian-Creole, as well as English and Spanish, which she mastered along the way to her success. She started to learn Spanish at the age of 5 and that started the passion for it, so much so that she jokes, “I feel like I was Mexican in my past life.” As previously stated, she was born in Haiti but moved to the United States because of political instability. She arrived in New York before making her way to Florida. She decided that Coral Springs Charter is the perfect fit for her after previously working at Coconut Creek High School. At her former school, the only other language she dabbled in was casual English lessons for people who wished to study.

This school year, she began her teaching career here at CSC, although she really started teaching Spanish 2 years ago. She started her career off as an internet business for new learners. She describes it as “a simple online network primarily for relatives, friends, associates, and some clients to learn new languages for work purposes”. This was the start of her journey as a Spanish teacher.

Furthermore, now that we have some information on what a great teacher Ms. Barthelemy is, why don’t we see what some students think of her?

”I really like her teaching style. She makes it fun and exciting especially when we do fun work-related games like hangman,” said freshman Morgan Patrick, “She’s a really good teacher and makes learning easy.”

Approximately 86% of the students she works with are passing her class with a “B” or greater, demonstrating the effectiveness of her teaching approaches. Other students can attest to her class being an enjoyable educational environment in which she teaches at a slower speed, yet you learn at a quicker one.

Overall, the students and faculty are delighted to welcome Ms. Barthelemy to the building. She is an excellent addition to our team, and the school as a whole loves having her around. Her enthusiasm, innovative learning strategies, and dedication to her work benefits everyone on a daily basis. We hope she has a wonderful year with us and stays a panther for many years to come. Go Panthers!

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