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Charter Music Scene 6 | Jacob Head

Jacob Head, playing the guitar in a practice room. The guitar was his first instrument and is his favorite.

Jacob Head is a senior who is a well-versed musician. He puts his music across numerous platforms and knows many instruments. Here’s a bit about him as a musician.

How long have you been producing music?

“I have been playing music for 8 years.”

Would you consider yourself “popular” amongst your peers?

“I don’t think I’m popular among anyone, I feel as if I’m just a passerby here.”

Favorite Sample-Sharing Services?

“I don’t use any loops. I make everything myself, including samples.”

Favorite Song You’ve Made?

“My cover of ‘Let Me Break Your Heart Again’. My friend and I made an album over last summer. We wanted to make a lofi-jazz-hip hop album. We covered that song, and it blew up instantly. It had around 10,000 views in a week. It’s honestly my best work.”

Favorite Piece of Music Gear?

“My favorite piece of gear would be my Fender Statocaster, mostly because it just sounds really good.”

Favorite Musicians?

“Some favorite musicians are Elliott Smith, the Beatles and Bill Evans.”

What’s your general process when you sit down to make a song?

“I don’t write that much myself, but when I do, I think of it methodically. What’s my audience, why am I writing it, how am I trying to make people feel? I then come up with a chord progression, and base it off things from other songs I like. I’ll take inspiration from the methods used by other artists to create my own songs. “

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Cameron Khouri is a junior. This is his third year on the Paw Print staff. He is the president of Blue Panther Music. When he's not at school, you'll find him making music and playing video games.

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