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Food Review: Velvet Taco

Lorintz Compere
The front of the Velvet Taco restaurant.

Good morning, good evening, and good night! I’m your reviewer, Lorintz, and today we’ll be sticking with the trend of tacos, reviewing a restaurant called Velvet Taco.

Entering the restaurant the thing I immediately noticed was the emptiness. There were a few customers roaming about, waiting for their orders. There were even fewer staff present. During my time there, I counted a total of 4 employees. While I’m not new to reviewing nearly empty restaurants, keep in mind Velvet Taco is in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It is a bustling city, full of business and opportunities. You’d think in a city like this, more people would be interested in tacos, though this is clearly not the case.

However, more jarring than the emptiness of the restaurant was the chosen decor. Entering Velvet Taco, you’re greeted with a large and colorful mural depicting the cityscape and aesthetic of downtown Fort Lauderdale. However, the only reason it sticks out is because it’s the only fairly colorful thing in the entire restaurant. The plain walls and wood flooring did not evoke any positive or negative emotions from me. It was amazingly mediocre. The upbeat hip-hop and rap music added to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. Moving on, the staff that were present were fairly welcoming. As we were ordering our food, they were understanding and patient, not minding me wanting to perfect my signature near the end. The restaurant accompanies a wide array of needs and diets, even having vegan and gluten-free options. The food came out relatively quickly, though not as fast as Talkin’ Tacos, coming in at a close second.

Red Curry Coconut Queso
Type of meal: Chips & Dip
The chips had a nice crunch to them and a nice, light, salty flavor to accompany them. The dip that came with the chips was fairly thick, though at times it felt a bit too thick. In fact, while dipping a chip in the dip, the chip cracked under the weight of the cheese. Nonetheless, the cheese tasted amazing, accompanied by a spicy aftertaste. Overall, the chips and cheese were a great combination.

Spicy Tikka Chicken Taco
Type of dish: Taco
The chicken was not only tender, but had a balanced amount of spiciness. It wasn’t overwhelming but wasn’t undetectable. The breading of the chicken added a nice crunch that went well with the vegetable toppings, composed mainly of carrots. An overall great mixture.

Rotisserie Chicken Taco
Type of meal: Taco
With the other two meals in mind, I had high hopes for this taco. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the taco. First, I swear I’ve seen the same tortilla used for this taco used in school lunch. It had the same strength too, breaking apart as I tried to pick it up. Second, the contents were drenched in ranch. I was barely able to taste the ingredients. From what I did taste, the chicken was decently cooked and the vegetables were alright, although it didn’t add anything to the taco.

Red Velvet Cake
Type of dish: Cake
The cake was something I’ve never experienced before. The bread of the cake was light, fluffy, and slightly juicy. The white frosting was sugary, but the sugar was balanced in a way I have seen done before. I bet many people turned off by traditional frosting would be able to enjoy this one. While already great tasting, the homemade Red Velvet Cake came with Cajeta drizzle, or Mexican caramel. When topped with the drizzle, the cake became 10 times better. It’s no exaggeration to say the taste was angelic.

Overall, I’d have to rate my experience with Velvet Taco and its food an 8 out of 10. The atmosphere was extraordinarily bland, not presenting much appeal besides a creative murale. The accompanying hip-hop and rap music did not help much, confusing the overall vibes. The food was alright. The Chips and first Taco were enjoyable experiences. However, the second school lunch Taco was a big disappointment. Though the Red Velvet Cake that followed carried the overall rating, the disappointment is still in mind. The staff were very welcoming and patient, making up for the otherwise bland environment. Getting to Velvet Taco was a bit of a journey as it’s based in downtown Fort Lauderdale. However, I’d say the journey was worth it, even just for the Red Velvet Cake. This restaurant is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime.

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