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10 songs turning 20

Picture of Adam Levine (Of Maroon Five), Marshall Mathers (Eminem), and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) in front of a collage background of different albums from the early 2000s.

With 2024 starting, music has obviously changed a lot. Let’s take a look at how music looked like 20 years ago. Here are some songs that you might think are way newer than they actually are.

In Da Club: 50 Cent

Released on January 7th, 2003, In Da Club was the main single on 50 Cent’s debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin.” 50 Cent was signed into Eminem’s record, “Shady Records,” where he would go onto be one of the big musicians in the early 2000’s rap industry.

American Idiot: Green Day

Released on September 20th, 2004, American Idiot is a song about how America’s entire system is wrong and how the band refuses to be a part of the right wing agenda. Recently, it was played on New Years Eve, and gained a lot of controversy after their vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong says “I’m not a part of your MAGA agenda,” which angered a large group of people who only just realized that the band is very leftist.

Mockingbird: Eminem

Released on April 25th, 2005 but recorded in 2004, Mockingbird is a song about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie. It’s one of Eminem’s more laid back and emotional songs, and has recently been popular as music used in short video platforms like TikTok & YouTube shorts.

Stacy’s Mom: Fountains of Wayne

Released on May 19th, 2003, Stacy’s Mom is the song about a young relationship between the vocalist and a girl named Stacy. The vocalist would sing about how he was more interested in Stacy’s Mom and if thought about, the song is kind of creepy.

Yeah!: Usher

Released on January 13th, 2004, this is that song with the catchy “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” hook, played recently at the Super Bowl.

Drop it like it’s Hot: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has obviously been around since the late 80s, being signed by Dr. Dre. Drop it like it’s hot, released on September 12th, 2004, wasn’t a super popular song. However in the mid 2010s, it became a big part of internet culture due to the dance in the music video, and because of this, many people recognize and enjoy the song.

Helena: My Chemical Romance

Helena, released on their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album on June 8th, 2004, was one of the songs that took the band from performing at small venues like Warped Tour to playing in large stadiums around the globe.

Let’s get it Started: Black Eyed Peas

Released on June 14th, 2004, Let’s get it started was the Black Eyed Peas’ breakout hit. Following its release, (5 years later) they would go onto release “I got a feeling,” their next pop hit.

This Love: Maroon Five

It’s no surprise that Maroon Five is on this list, released on January 12th, 2004, was one of the band’s first breakout hits. Like most of the band’s songs, it talks about Adam Levine’s toxic relationships that he doesn’t want to leave.

Numb: Linkin Park

Released on March 25, 2003, Numb was one of Linkin Park’s mainstream pop hits. Known as a very popular “emo” song, Numb talks about changing yourself to appease others.

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