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Hollywood’s voice actor issues


Recently, there has been an increase in celebrities doing voice acting. While some are thrilled to see their favorite actors voice a beloved character, others are concerned that they might be taking the place of lesser-known (but equally talented) voice actors. Many accuse Hollywood of only focusing on profits as big names tend to draw a larger audience through their previous roles.

According to the Academy of Animated Art, “Between 2018 and 2022, the number of animated feature films grew by 20% across all major studios.”

Naturally, with more animated movies being made, there would also be higher demand for voice actors. However, these film studios are turning towards major actors like Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson, and Tom Holland to fill these roles. As a result, movie goers have called out these companies for being unfair to those who are exclusively trying to make it as voice actors.

“Big names definitely help film sales,” said sophomore Dasha Starikova. “I’m sure there are people like me who would love to hear familiar voices on the screen.”

Turning a profit is a necessity for major film studios like Disney, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros. However, this focus on making money seems like it’s hurting the movie industry rather than helping.

For example, many were disappointed when the trailer released for The Mario Movie in March 2023. Long time fans were unhappy with the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario. People even argued that Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario, should have been chosen instead.

“For me, when a character’s voice is changed I can’t see/hear the character the same way,” said senior Isabela Catalan. “It feels like a whole new character.”

While approval with American animated movies is decreasing, animation from other countries have started to increase in popularity. Anime, being the biggest example, is known for not only impressive animation but also for intense or cute (depending on the genre) voice acting.

“When certain people tend to keep the same sort of tone/voice it’s easy to tell, compared to others, who has good vocal range.” said Catalan, “If people hear the same actors repeatedly they can get boring or annoying to listen to.”

Even though many big celebrities receive mainly criticism for their voice acting roles, there are those who receive heavy praise. Actors like Johnny Depp, Stephanie Beatriz, and Jack Black have been acclaimed for their respective roles in movies such as Corpse Bride, Encanto, and Kung Fu Panda. All three actors have also been known for making noticeable changes to their voices for their roles, rather than using their normal voice.

“Some do it better than others,” said film teacher Mr. Erson. “I’d rather hear the person who is right for the role rather than a star who gets the part just because of their name.”

Through both general feedback and box office sales, major studios will pursue the efforts to entertain the public. Whether it’s voice acting, plot, or animation, movies will continue to change.

“I guess I just hope that it isn’t completely given over to the star system,” said Erson. “And it continues to provide opportunities for less known yet talented actors.”

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