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An update to school safety

Kasi Kaleva
Katianna Grace is filling out a missing ID sticker in Ms. Oliveira’s classroom. In the morning, student’s must fill out and wear this sticker to ensure faculty that they are a Coral Springs Charter student.

As of late, Coral Springs Charter has made multiple changes regarding the school’s security. Naturally, these new rules have piqued the interest of both students and teachers alike.

The most notable new rule is the new missing ID stickers. In addition to carrying around the uniform violation ticket, students now have to put the name and date on a bright orange sticker when they forget or lose their ID.

“I feel as though it’s a bit much,” said senior Valentina Campodonico, “But other than that, I find it fair because now we know who’s going into our school.”

There have also been new adjustments made to the fire drill procedures, so faculty and staff can make sure that the only ones getting in the school are students.

“It makes the transition from inside the classroom to outside the classroom during a fire-drill, a lot smoother.” said high school History teacher Ms. Oliveira, “Students are no longer wandering off to talk to friends and are staying with me the entire time.”

Rather than students going outside and coming back in on their own, teachers now have to make sure their class is all together and take attendance once they are in their designated areas. After ensuring all students are outside with their teachers, each class returns to their classroom in a single file line to have their attendance taken again.

“The biggest problem is the process of coming back into the building.” said Oliveira, “Administration has communicated that they are going to work on a more efficient way of re-entering the building.”

For these past few months, security improvements continue to be the administration’s top priority. Faculty and staff will do their best to remain vigilant for any threats or intruders that may imperil the school.

“The biggest issue is really making sure that the adults stay on their toes,” said Principal Mr. Springer, “You could have a million processes and procedures, but they’re as good as the people that follow them.”

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