How will Halloween look this year?


In spite of our current living conditions many still look forward to this fun holiday. “I am excited yet scared of what this year’s Halloween might bring.” said Freshman Sabrina Lustigman.

How will Halloween look this year? Due to this year’s new living conditions the famous traditional holiday, Halloween, will be looking a little different. There are many concerns that this holiday will only be putting people’s lives in danger if they do not follow the new regulations. It can be hard to make sure everyone follows the new directive for the holiday, but many lives can be saved if they are followed.

If you are thinking that Halloween is cancelled overall and nothing will be done to celebrate it, you’re wrong. There are many ways that Halloween can be celebrated without putting yourself and others health at risk. Starting off, it is crucial that everyone wears their face mask so that there are less possibilities of spreading the virus. According to the CDC’s Halloween guidelines, “A costume mask can protect against spreading the coronavirus if it’s like a regular cloth mask: two or more layers of breathable fabric covering the nose and mouth, without gaps around the face.” This year, freshman Camila Ruiz, will dress up as a witch and will incorporate a black mask to match her costume and assure her safety.

Trick-or-Treating this year will include a few changes so that people are still able to participate in this fun event. Normally, you would walk up to a family’s home, knock on the door and say “Trick-or Treat” instead this year social distancing will be very important when going out. This activity of trick or treating falls under the “higher risk activities” list released by the CDC for this holiday season. It is stated that people need to keep social distancing present when trick or treating. The city of Coral Springs will be hosting a drive-thru called “Cops and Kids Trick-or-Treat” that will allow kids to collect candy and still feel the Halloween spirit while staying safe from any harm. Costumes are encouraged and it will be located at the City Hall Garage from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on October 31, 2020.

Another popular activity during Halloween are haunted houses. Although this is a very popular event during Halloween, this isn’t the best idea especially this year. A haunted house includes many people inside a house running around and screaming with no social distancing in mind. Alternatives were suggested instead of these high-risk houses. Rather than being trapped inside a haunted house, a haunted drive-thru was suggested in its place. This is a safer version of a haunted house where you can stay inside your car and have a fun scare while staying safe. Some may find this activity risky and will rather stick with a lower risk activity. “This year for Halloween my best friend will come over and we are going to watch scary movies while binging on our favorite snacks.” said freshman Adinna Merchant.

There are many things this year that can be done to still have a good time while staying safe. It’s up to you to decide how much of a risk you are willing to take.