The future of cheerleading

In this pandemic, there have been many questions about whether or not our school will have sports this year. There are many sports at our school but cheer is one of the sports I really enjoy so that’s the sport I will be talking about and whether or not the season will happen and how they will do the season if it does happen. Cheer is a sport where you do interact and get close to people but due to the pandemic things that we would usually do for cheer may change.

As of these few past weeks, many of the sports including cheer have been conditioning with the players that want to join the team. Cheer conditions at Mullins Park and some days there is very bad weather so the conditioning sessions have to be canceled. Due to the weather, the people that want to try out have to miss days of preparing their bodies. “We already lost so much of the season and it is frustrating when we lose more time to prepare ourselves for tryouts” Sydney Manning said. Some players may not be in the best shape like others and it’s hard for them when they lose time.

The pandemic caused cheer to have restrictions on what they can and cannot do. Cheering is a very bonding sport that may not be the case this year because you need to be very spacious in your surroundings. “Due to the Corona Virus and the restrictions we may not be able to do the stunts and cheers that I would have planned because we still need to be safe and cautious of our surroundings” Coach Rachel said. The cheer team may not be able to perform to their full extent but they will still come up with something great.

Furthermore, the cheerleaders have been very upset due to the delay of the season. “If it wasn’t for the Corona Virus the season would have already started and many exciting games would have been happening” Juliana Browne said. Many events have to do with the cheerleaders and the football games so not having all that fun this year upsets many people but there is nothing anybody can do about it. “Not having a full season this year is kind of upsetting but I am glad we even still have a season because I really enjoy doing sideline cheer.” Riley Whitman said. Even though the cheer season isn’t going to be normal and it isn’t going to be as long as it usually would be, the cheerleaders are still grateful to even have a season this year. No matter how bad things can get you can always push through and make the best out of what you have!