For the love of fall, let’s play some ball

Matthew Gordon, Staff Writer

As the fall sports season gets closer, the question will keep on arising, will students be able to attend high school games. As of right now no one really knows what is going to happen. Athletic Director Mike Higgins said, “​As far as I know right now a decision has not been made yet on students attending games. As we get closer to the season, I will be given more information about the process,” Football Coach Matthew Garris said the same thing. It seems that nobody will have much information until the season starts for fall sports. But a major issue is that sanitation must be prioritized

This does not seem to go for just Coral Springs Charter but for almost all schools in Broward County. As time passes more information will come out but for now there is little to no information about students.

Most people are assuming that there will only be a percentage of students allowed to attend and before they can even enter, they will probably be tested for the temperature and asked if they have been near anyone with COVID-19. They will most likely have to do this for every person attending to make sure everyone is safe.

Other students think more or less the same, “ There will be social distancing, wearing masks and probably only like a certain amount of people in one little area to help keep distancing on the bleachers” said Emily Kahler, a junior who plays for the soccer team.

Another big question is not when students attend, but what are they going to do when they are at the games? “I think that everyone will act a little weird at first trying to get used to seeing people again. After a while we will just act like nothing happened”, said Rachel Stepp, a junior. We must assume that people will react somewhat like what people have been doing at professional games.

Professional teams in some places, are allowing a small number of fans to attend if they are very distant from each other. “ They’re only allowing 13,000 fans, they have social distanced seating, it’s become totally cashless so no cash is used, multiple sanitizing stations, floors markers for distancing, touchless entry” said Chase Capon, a senior and staff member of the Coral Springs Charter football team who attended a Miami Dolphins game this season.