How drama students are dealing with e-learning

Jasmine Addison, Staff Writer

Since COVID-19 caused schools to close down, students aren’t able to do what they love in school. Many students that are in the performing arts are in despair that they can’t do what they are passionate about. Many kids use their after-school activity to escape reality and to express themselves.

Kids involved in performing arts are devastated about not being able to participate in their hobbies. “I’m stuck in a mood of exhaustion because of the lack of movement and energy,” said Sabrina Fils-Aime, a senior involved in performing arts. She also said “I think that everyone else in the performing arts feels the same about not being able to perform for shows and go on field trips for competitions.”

Furthermore, students like Anyye Calderon, a 9th grader said, “Kids doing online classes feel like that it isn’t the same as when they’re in school.” To add on she also said, “Students most likely feel upset that they cannot perform for school shows and not win trophies for the school.”

These students are upset because some of them would like to use their talent for everyone to see, hear, and to feel a thrill while doing it. A student that was recently in chorus, Morlie Gabriel said, “ Not being able to see other students do what they are inspired by is really sad and how they aren’t performing for their school.”

Many seniors in the performing arts won’t be able to have their senior show night. Online school has made it even worse since the teachers aren’t able to see

and hear their students correctly. So if the students were to make a mistake, the teachers aren’t there physically and students might find that difficult.

Students have their emotions and opinions swirling around about how their schools are doing since COVID-19. Kids that are open to going back to their school have made it known that they will go to greater lengths in order to do what they love and be able to show off their talents.