How the school is preparing for students’ safe return

Schools are reopening and parents are worried if schools will be COVID free. The Principal, Gary Springer, says that he will have procedures to prevent anyone from getting COVID-19, but parents and
kids are still asking questions. The Principal is hosting separate meetings for different grade levels from October 5 to October 6 at 4:30 pm or 5:30 pm. A lot of questions will be asked and resolved at this meeting especially on how schools will prepare to keep clean.
For instance, the principal hosted a meeting on October 6 on protocols to stay safe and for people to not catch COVID-19. The principal has a protocol before leaving the house on your phone called “Daily Home Screen.” It will ask you questions on symptoms of COVID, and even if you have one of the symptoms you are required to stay home for a day and keep the school safe. There is a “CSCS Daily Temperature Check” that you fill out in the car, bus, or walking to school that asks questions for the other student’s safety. There are four forehead scanners that tell you your temperature to check if you have a high temperature. These things will help the school stay anti-COVID. One student says, “With all these protocols, I feel it’s safe to come back and see my friends that I haven’t seen in 6 months.” This student feels like he and others as well should come back at one point when the levels go down in time. For one thing, each class will have its own protocol, but people are asking about the cafeteria. The principal says that there will be hot meals for people who buy lunch and there will be only 3 kids to a table with all the tables within the right length. Classes will be let out individually so the halls won’t crowd up, masks are required with no inappropriate designs, and no bringing your own laptop because it might be contaminated.
Otherwise, people think overtime more and more people are going to come back depending on how this month and the next month goes. One student says “Hopefully things go back to normal and if they
do things won’t be the same.” People should stay safe not only in schools but out in public and even in their own home.