Rainbow Tears


The world around us is filled with many colorful images,

It makes our soul and mind wonder with no scrimmages.
It brings us color, it brings us light,
Sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us away from our fright.
Everything is good and everything is well,
Until you remove that mask and realize you’ve been stuck in a shell.
You open your eyes; it’s not so beautiful anymore,
As you see your rainbow years drip and pour.
Look ahead, there is a man who is alone,
He has never done anything wrong but is scolded for his tone.
Then you see the youngsters, who were once dressed in color,
Wear nothing but grey and black making it 100 times duller.
Then once again your rainbow tears begin to fall,
There is nothing left in the world that stands tall.
Nothing left but the ones who were dull from the start,
They are the ones who were born without a heart.
The world is torn apart, you learned that now,
Divided by the seven colors you still wonder how.
Everyone then starts crying their rainbow tears,
They cry for the ones who fought for many years.
We have come so far just to fall back down,
Lift up your rainbow tears and get ready to show the town.