CTV2: Powering through the year


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The CSCS Broadcast publication, CTV-2, has gotten a fresh look since the school year began. As every change this past year has COVID behind it, CTV-2’s ‘hybrid’ appearance has been highlighted in the 2020 episodes. CTV-2’s YouTube channel has been around for quite a while now, since 2014, the publication has handled and delivered school news through a broadcast platform. By scrolling from the beginning to the very end, change is notable.

Change brought by new Editor-in-Chief

The current ‘aesthetic’ of CTV2 is no fault, simply different. Within segments, the audience is given glimpses of anchors bedrooms, interviewee’s living rooms and socially distanced football fields. The 2020 episodes also feature a newly added segment, CSNN, thanks to CTV2’s 2020 Editor-in-Chief, Savannah Cox, who has plenty of out-of-the-box for future episodes and imaginative ideas.

“I am new to CTV but I am not new to video production or post production editing,” said Cox. “I have the entire year planned, personally for my own segments, and we have a full Christmas episode planned as well. Even though it takes so much work, I love it!”

Cox is more than prepared with ideas for segments and Holiday episodes. As a skilled video editor, she is sure in her plan to lead CTV2 through these stressing times with her notebook teeming with ideas.

“Whenever I get an idea, I have to write it down immediately,” said Cox. “Throughout this year and I think a little bit of the summer, I got started on this, but I’ve had ideas all through this thing.”

Cox’s leadership can promise CTV2 delivering more Holiday themed episodes such as the October 30th Halloween episode, featuring anchors in creative costumes and Halloween themed intro song that heightened the spooky vibe. Her skill has brought the win of an All-Florida in Broadcast Show Opening during the FSPA State Workshop of October 24th, 2020.

Change brought by COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected change into 2020 and transformed the school platform along with all the extracurricular activities such CSCS sports, clubs and school publications. For CTV2, this meant accommodating to the new ‘hybrid’ style of 2020 episodes. This style was introduced in the remainder months of last year but has been highlighted in recent episodes.

Interviews on certain topics has always been a staple on CTV2 in the past, but unfortunately this has changed as COVID-19 enforces a social distance rule and majority of students are online, unable to interview students, staff, or teachers for their segments. This issue has also restrained communication amongst the staff and has made the post production process complicated and limiting for some staffers whilst creatively liberating others.

“Recording has been a challenge. These students are trying to create a professional product, using way less than professional equipment,” said Samantha Harwell, the CTV2 class advisor. “Many might have nice iPhones, which record decent quality, but the lack of a tripod, lack of a microphone, and proper editing equipment truly limits their capabilities.”

While others on the staff, disagree.

“If anything it’s been a little easier with the freedom I have to go out and find stuff specific to my segment and not be confined to the inside of the school,” said senior Joel Gamez. “I haven’t really had any problems recording my segments, the only thing that has been a little worrying is having my interviewees sending in their video on time, but it’s always gotten to me.”

In interviews for CTV2 episodes, interviewees have to record their own part for the video, shifting the overall style of camera quality in the episode. Noted by Cox, new staffer’s fall back on contacting their close friends in order to meet their interview requirement.

“Normally, in CTV2, if they wanted a group of kids who had a hidden talent, they’d have to find [them] and interview [them],” said Cox. “Previously, when we were in school, we could go into a class room and [ask for certain traits] then walk to other classes and get that [interview] but if you don’t know all of the kids to contact, it can be hard to find enough students to fill a topic, so topics have been limited.”

Advice to new students on CTV2

The change and expectation may make students wary of joining the Broadcast class and CTV2, do not fret. Harwell and the editors of CTV2 give out positive words despite the difficulty faced this year to both newcomers and future members.

“If you want to be part of CTV2, you have to know [that] this is a class that demands creativity and results,” said Harwell. “This is a solutions based class, there is always a way to get your story told, and as an advisor, I do not listen to excuses, I only search for solutions.”

CTV2 seems to be an extremely fun class with a welcoming staff and expectations that demand but also majorly increases and refines creative skills.

“You need to be willing to learn how to work a camera and put together an entertaining segment,” said Gamez. “But don’t get me mistaken, the class is super fun. It’s very satisfying to see your hard work come together in an episode and to have Harwell and students tell you what you did well, and what you can improve on.”

Keep powering through Panthers!