Opinion: Students shouldn’t be forced to go back to school

Florida may force all students to come back to school by January even though there are more and more COVID cases. This is not safe for students and teachers since it will be more likely for a student or a teacher to have the virus. The teachers have no choice but to stay at school and hope none of the kids have COVID-19. This is unfair, to some teachers this virus can be deadly. Especially as the cases are increasing, they should keep the learning system the way it is which is having a choice to come to school or to stay at home virtually.

Even though according to students, online school is more difficult, it is safer. It is safer than going in public with a whole school when there is a high chance of someone being positive for COVID-19. “To be honest I wouldn’t do that because it will be unsafe for the students and teachers,” said freshman Maya Anthony. Students, teachers, or student parents may have lung problems that causes COVID-19 to be deadly. Adults should be smart enough to give it time and let parents make the choice for their kid to stay at home virtually. If they were to force students to come back in January, there will be drama and complaints from a lot of parents saying that they should have the choice to stay at home and not send their kid to school.

This will become a bad look on Florida because if they let students come back cases would increase by twice as much. “Cases would increase by way more when all the schools open back up,” said freshman Abby Kaplan. I agree they should keep it how it is. Schools opening back up would be hard work for the security to keep telling students to wear their mask right since they only wear it over their mouth. It will also be way harder work for the janitors to keep sanitizing everything the students touch. Everyday will just be worse.

Since COVID-19 cases are increasing this is the worst time to force students to come back to school. Parents should still have the choice to keep their kid at home. Online learning is safer. The state of Florida should keep the learning system the way it is. If they open schools back up it will be chaos for everyone.