What is reality shifting?

Teenagers are trying more than ever to escape their reality. What used to be a concept that was only dreamed about, or was laughed at, is a possibility now. Something referred to as “reality shifting” has had an explosion of popularity among teenagers and other young adults. What “reality shifting” actually is though, is moving your consciousness from one reality to another. The reason for the sudden spike in interest is the Harry Potter series. In many videos, you can see people making guides and giving helpful information for first-time shifters.

Shifting Methods

There are a few methods of shifting, some of the most popular being the raven method, in which you lay in a starfish position on your bed and count to 100, while visualizing your Desired Reality or DR, or you could go over your script in your head while repeating positive affirmations and imagining yourself shifting. The other method that is extremely popular on TikTok is the pillow method. The reason this method has become so popular is because of how relatively simple it is. The pillow method involves you writing down affirmations on a sheet of paper, going over them before you fall asleep and eventually falling asleep with it under your pillow and your mind focused on your reality.


One of the most common things to do when trying to shift it to create a script. A script usually contains information you would like to include in your desired reality, for example, if you wanted to have dark brown hair you can script that you do. You can go as crazy as you want with your script and can include as much as you want in it. Some people make their script in their notes app but others have made scrapbooks with information including details as small as the way they act around certain people. Something commonly done is to include things like not being able to die or get severely hurt, or to change how time passes in your Desired Reality vs. in your Current Reality. For example, 30 minutes passing in your CR would be 3 days passing in your DR.

The Shifting Experience

Although the shifting experience is different for everyone, something that can be agreed upon is that it truly is amazing. Most people assume that shifting is just “lucid dreaming” but if you don’t believe it will work, it probably won’t. It may take some time and patience but keep trying and you’ll eventually get it. It may not happen on your first, second, or third tries, but you will eventually get it.