COVID precautions cause a falling out with the fans

The Fall season sports have now started and now the question has been answered how have students been able to attend. “we are only allowed to give out so many tickets due to social distancing, and we give it to the parents of the athletes playing first and see what we could do with the rest” said Athletic Director Mike Higgins. If this is the case, it could be very hard to even let students go watch the games without over populating the game.

If a fan or player gets tested positive that could majorly affect people attending the games and it could also affect the players that are playing. So, if a student gets tested positive for COVID-19 and it delays the game what should happen? “The schools should be quarantined but the other schools, if they don’t have it can keep on playing.” said Junior Emily Kahler. This could be the results if students end up becoming positive. One issue with this is that if there is a correlation of students attending the games and positivity rates going up, they might have to not allow and students to come at all, which may people may not like.

It is even debatable to question to allow students to even go to games at all. “Yes, I think it’s a good idea for students to go to fall games even with the risk of COVID-19 because students can still wear their masks and social distance and in sports like football, it’s even better since the games are played outdoors and not in closed quarters.” said Junior Sophia Papaleo.

“As long as people are being safe, keeping the audience small enough to where there’s no crowding, and practicing the important safety precautions and rules, then I don’t see much of a problem with it.” Is what she said about students attending the games at all. At the end of the day, it is up to what the city decides to do, and as of now there hasn’t been an issue with the method they have been doing now so why change it. The only issue is that a lack of fans could affect the home games since that is one of the biggest advantages of being a home game.

“The lack of fans is one big disadvantage. The noise and energy is gone, and it makes the games feel longer.” is what football player Richard Rivera said. While that may be true it is also safer for everyone this way. “But you have to look at it from the bright side…fewer fans keeps us and our families safer” said Rivera.