Principal Springer clarifies senior events policy


G. Shanley

A screenshot of the Zoom meeting held on Thursday, February 18.

Yesterday, February 18, a Zoom meeting was held by administration and Class of 2021 leadership to clarify details on the senior events policy announced earlier in the month. The policy, announced through the official Class of 2021 Instagram account, stated that seniors would be unable to attend senior events unless they make the decision to come back to school by March 29th.

In a follow up statement issued by Principal Gary Springer through an email to seniors, it was clarified that the policy was implemented as a COVID-19 safety measure, specifically to ensure that students could be properly contact-traced.

“As COVID-19 cases continue to spread throughout our local community, should one of our students contract COVID, we need to ensure that we are able to conduct very specific and careful contact tracing.” said Springer. “We are only able to do that when we know exactly which students are on campus each day.”

In the Zoom meeting held yesterday, Springer touched upon certain details of the policy left unclarified by the announcements. “The events specific to you being on campus are on-campus events,” said Springer. “In order to do something on campus… you have to be on campus.”

Senior Class President Chandler Gentile went on to clarify which campus events fell within the policy’s bounds. If seniors are back by March 1, they will be able to attend Spirit Week, which begins on March 15. Spirit Week will include senior pranks and a “senior tailgate” event on the final day, March 18.

If seniors return by March 29, they will be able to attend Senior Breakfast and Senior Send-off Week, which takes place from May 17 to May 21. In-person seniors will also have preference for prom tickets, but at-home students will be able to attend if tickets are left.

Some details on prom were clarified in the meeting, but others were left dubious. “At a minimum, CSUSA and, I suspect, the city will be approving an event where you guys can gather and dress up like a normal prom; we’d just have to have parameters for dancing,” said Springer. Gentile also announced that prom would have 200 person capacity.

Springer also confirmed that graduation attendance would not be restricted by the policy. “If and when we have a graduation, you are all expected to be a part of that ceremony if you choose,” said Springer.

Administration is unsure of where graduation will take place, but the Broward Center of the Performing Arts, Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, BB&T Center, and Nova Southeastern University are being considered. Administration is also unsure of when graduation will take place. “I can tell you right now, your original graduation date most likely will not be the graduation date,” said Springer.

As administration awaits approvals, Springer remains optimistic about the prospects of senior events. “I’m praying that it happens. I’m feeling confident that they know that last year missed out a lot and that you guys have missed out on a ton of stuff so far, so I think as adults we’re going to do the right thing for you,” said Springer.

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