Easy Meals for College Students


Attention Seniors! As you are making your transition to college life, you may be concerned about your budget for food. Eating Cup-O-Noodles everyday can get boring and bland, and takeout can get pricey. However, there are many options for college students to eat quick meals that are easy to make and budget friendly.


Many students skip breakfast, which could be because of lack of time in the mornings. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us the energy to begin our day. Breakfast burritos are perfect for college students. They are freezer-friendly, meaning that you can make a few for the week and stash them in your freezer, then heat them up in the morning for a filling breakfast. Also, they are customizable to your food preferences and dietary restrictions. Breakfast burritos usually consist of eggs, cheese and potatoes but you can add or substitute ingredients for anything you like.


If you get hungry in the middle of the day and have a short amount of time to prepare a snack, make strawberry cheesecake crackers. A graham cracker topped with a small amount of cream cheese and strawberries. Perfect if you are having a little sweet tooth, or if you just need something you can take with you to class. You can also prepare these in bulk to snack on throughout the week.


Depending on your schedule, you may only have time for either lunch or dinner. Instead of ordering a pizza, you can quickly whip up mini pizzas in your oven. English muffins and bagels are a good, cheaper alternative to use instead of making pizza dough. All you need to do is add your sauce, cheese and desired toppings, then toss them into the oven (or even a toaster). A meal that is cheaper and quicker than pizza delivery