Blast to the Past: Nostalgic Songs from the Senior Class


With the class of ‘22 departing, it’s the perfect time for a taste of nostalgia. With this, we asked the class of ‘22 what songs would trigger the most nostalgia.

With this class, most, if not all were born from 2003-2004 meaning that most nostalgic memories are during the 2010s. The 2010s were a revolutionary time. Technology became mainstream, cancel-culture was invented, tons of iconic songs and genres were created, and a whole lot more occurred during this exciting time. Here is a list of their favorite childhood songs.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Releasing in 2014, Uptown Funk became an instant with parts of Gen Y and Gen Z. Worldwide, they sold over 16.8 million copies, making it one of the best selling songs of 2015. Its upbeat lyrics regarding happiness are what most appeal to this student.

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Gaining popularity from the Despicable Me 2 movie and being one of the most catchy songs from 2013, it sold over 1.9 million copies. With it being mainstream throughout the world since its release, everyone has heard this song and it definitely has a major nostalgic value.

Umbrella – Rihanna 

This song was one of Rihanna’s greatest hits. Released in 2007, It still plays on the radio today. It sold 4x Platinum throughout the US.  The song talks about a storm and Rihanna offering her boyfriend to come “under her umbrella”. Its lyrics regarding this gesture of love attracted many looking for a song with a catchy tune and meaningful lyrics.

Sugar We’re Going down – Fall Out Boy

Hit song by Fall out boy, mainstream on the radio throughout the early 2000s-2010s. It sold over 4x Platinum throughout the US. Compared to all the other songs on this list, it’s the first to be part of an Alternative Genre.

Die Young – Kesha

One of the songs that summarizes the mainstream pop of the 2010s. With its catchy tune and raunchy lyrics regarding love, it became a viral trend on TikTok this year. Called “To the beat of the drum”, this trend involved people playing the song when the lyrics “I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drum” they would knock on the doors of whoever they were “pranking” on beat with the song.


The Senior class has experienced quite a bit. They all come from different backgrounds and settings, creating variation in the music they listen to. As they leave us, may we appreciate the music from their generation and the experiences they had on their journey.