The A.I. Takeover: Why using A.I. can benefit students and teachers

The use of A.I. is considered cheating by most teachers, but what those teachers fail to understand is that some of their work isn’t as important as they might like to think. Some of the assignments that these teachers give are just busy work and have no educational value.

This is why a lot of students resort to cheating to save time and do more productive things. For example, student athletes have practice after school everyday, and if you’re giving them tons of homework it might not get done to its full potential anyway. Therefore the student didn’t learn anything in the first place causing the assignment to be obsolete.

Obviously some assignments are good and you should not be cheating on them. Like, if an English teacher is giving you a practice college essay. Those types of assignments are helping the student prepare for a big event in their lives.

However, if the teacher is giving an essay on a dumb book that nobody even cares about, why would the student spend valuable time trying to write a good essay for a grade that won’t even matter in a few years.

A.I. doesn’t only need to be a tool for cheating. Students can use A.I. to break down text that they don’t understand and make it easier to analyze. This can be beneficial in the classroom because instead of students failing they will be able to grow and get better grades.

A.I isn’t just a tool for students, it can be used to help the teachers as well. In some cases the teacher can use it to break down the students data and provide personalized help that’ll bump up their grades. But that’s not the only way it helps teachers. Using an A.I. a powered educational tool, the teacher can provide instant feedback on students’ work and allow them to correct and learn from their mistakes immediately.

In conclusion A.I is more than a way of cheating on the boring assignments. It is a way for students and teachers to improve the classroom and provide a better learning experience for the students.