Meditation in the classroom


S. Kapoor

“ I like to get some of my creative thoughts on paper, it helps me to relax and tune-in to my mind.” Journalling thoughts in a peaceful environment, aides the body to let go and focus. Taking time from the day to breathe and gather goals sets a clear intention.

Simar Kapoor, Staff Writer

What is meditation?

Meditation is often overlooked in western culture. Simple activities like deep breathing and taking a moment to pause can alter your perspective. Taking a few minutes of connecting to the breath can have a big positive effect in your life. Relaxation exercises like yoga and deep breathing can go a long way in grounding you.

⦁ Yoga is a series of stretches and postures to stabilize the energy, it is a union of body, mind and spirit
⦁ Yoga also prepares you for meditation which is the art of observing your thoughts
⦁ Deep breathing is the art of calming your thoughts

These mindful exercises originated from India, and spread like wildfire. Today you can find a yoga class and books about the art of meditation almost everywhere. Our local yoga studio Yoga 4 Life located at sample across from the new city hall offers classes for every level. The founder Juliana Trejo shares in-debt information about Yoga’s roots, “ Yoga is an ancient tradition rooted in India that uses a special type of postures (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) as an portal to a healthy, strong and flexible body and mind to help us balance our life style, opening our hearts and clearing our minds.” The studio offers different techniques and styles to fit tailored needs.

Meditation is embraced in classrooms

Some classes like physical education and language arts are incorporating these activities like journaling thoughts and taking mindful breaks like take 5. Athletic Coach Thompson shares how mindful exercises are incorporated in his classroom. “On certain days throughout the week, in-lieu of physical exercise for P.E., we will have a mental health day. Meditation and journaling are options for the students on these days.” said Thompson.

Taking a step back from the workload can benefit the mind. Today, Educators are more focused on the students’ health. Going back to square one and checking in time from time. Thompson also added that mindful exercises have helped students reflect and connect. “Meditation has been helping students reflect on themselves and the world around them.  A lot of times, we’re not used to being in a quiet, reflective environment.” said Thompson.

People today are going back to the basics, consciously in this pursuit yoga and meditation can play a constructive role.