College Tour and Covid-19: How are you feeling?


Renée LeCompte, Arts Editor

Parents and students have mixed views on the Covid-19 policies for school field trips, more specifically the junior class college tour.

The Current Policy

The COVID testing waiver must be signed and returned.  If any student is exhibiting active symptoms of COVID-19, a rapid over the counter test will be given for the student to self-administer with the supervision of an adult,” said curriculum resource teacher Kelly O’ Neil, in an email to students and parents on the trip. “If the student tests POSITIVE that child and his or her roommates and bus mates will be quarantined. Quarantined means a parent or guardian will have to come pick up their child at our designated location.  Masks are mandatory on the bus, but we will be following the campus guide.”

What does this mean? This means that there won’t be any issues until after there is substantial evidence that a student has Covid-19.

Parental Concerns

The majority of parents believe the masks are nothing short of necessary.

“Of course they will be wearing masks on the bus. It will be multiple students in an enclosed space in tight proximity. However, they’re teenagers, I’m sure they’ll try getting away with taking them off,” said parent and Broward College professor Alexandra Mason.

Parent and chemistry teacher Mayra Marchetti believes that the form allowing students on the trip to get tested for the virus is needed.

“If a chaperone sees a student on the trip is not feeling well, a test is a good way to diagnose and treat that person…the sooner you know what makes you sick, the sooner you will react to get better,” said Marchetti.

Student Opinions

Students are curious to the extent that the masks will be enforced. “Me, personally, I probably won’t be wearing a mask unless they really enforce it, and I think it really depends on [administration] and how adamant about it they are,” said junior David Bastidas.

“Everyone paid $400+ for this trip. If not everyone in the room is getting tested, why would they all leave? There have been people with relatives who have Covid-19 and have not contracted it. I believe everyone should be tested in the room before being quarantined,” said junior Allison Tovar.

Another student noted the sleeping situation and how it will be handled.  “There should be nothing wrong with sharing a bed with someone during College Tour,” said junior Martin Lynch.

“I just think as long as we wear masks especially in crowded places, then I’d be okay with everything. Even if someone gets Covid-19 in my room, if we’re wearing masks then we should be okay. Most of us are vaccinated by now too,” said junior Ray Mason. “But I don’t think everyone who was in close contact should have to get picked up too, until they test positive.”


Many people have different ideas on what the Covid-19 regulations for the college tour should look like, not only on the bus but also in handling a situation where a student gets Covid-19. However, there is one thing everyone agrees on; they’re super excited for Junior College Tour 2021.