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The lies and deceit: The overuse of TikTok filters without disclosure

Ceylin G.
Here are some examples of a variety of filters being used. These filters are from social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok. They range from beauty filters all the way to fun dog filters.

Filters have a significant role in making social media what it is, social media. It plays a part in making everyone’s experiences special. Filters can be anything that alters the camera in any way, it gives people a fun change in perspective and looks.

Remember the last time you have used social media, and used its camera. It sometimes recommends filters and effects. Other times, it has an automatic filter already on.

Though most of the time these filters are a choice and can be turned off, it ultimately raises many issues. These issues range from promoting unrealistic beauty standards all the way to leading people into dangerous situations.

Filters are photo effects. They can be applied when using the camera or after a photo has been taken. They alter photos or how someone looks.

There are many different types of filters. There are filters that apply makeup, changes someone’s looks and features, adds a green screen, adds mini games, changes the colors and saturation of a photo, and can also have a “world effect.” All of these different types of filters can have both good and bad effects.

For instance, filters that change someone’s facial features can lead to feelings of insecurity. Most filters that change the features of others, change facial features to fit into beauty standards. It can hurt how people view themselves, and can make them feel like they need to rely on having a filter on when taking a photo or video. The people who view these photos and videos, may also feel insecure or inferior for not looking the way the person with the filter does. These types of filters just feed more into unrealistic beauty standards.

Some filters change the face so much that it even leads people to lie about who they are. It can make people seem younger or older than what they actually are and lead them to look way different than what they do in-person. This causes others who are not aware of these lies and deceit to enter unsafe situations.

There are other filters that change peoples’ looks and features, however for fun. An example can be transforming someone to a different character or an animal. It can also change people’s features so people can experiment in different ways, such as showing how people will look with different hair colors or makeup looks.

A few other examples of fun filters are minigame filters and world effect filters. World effect filters changes the world around you. It can change it by adding different surroundings or objects that aren’t already in the environment you’re currently in. It can give something to explore or interact with. Minigame filters give people a fun game to play. It allows them to do various activities in photos or videos.

Not only that, but there are filters that simply give photos and videos a different look. This can be by changing the lighting, saturation, hue, etc. It makes photos or videos look better quality and overall helps its visual appeal.

Finally, the green screen filter is where people can feature what they want in the background. They can add any photo or video, anywhere, (such as the background) while still being able to see the subject.

Like many, filters are not perfect. They can make or break someone’s experiences and self-esteem. People should be aware of the reality of social media and the effects filters can have on individuals.

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Autumn Erez
Autumn Erez, Copy Editor
Autumn Erez is a freshman. She is involved in theater and loves all things art. In her free time, you can find her crocheting, taking nature photography, making wire jewelry, or petting her 3 dachshunds.
Ceylin Golcu
Ceylin Golcu, Staff Writer
Ceylin Golcu is a freshman. In her free time, you can find her drawing. She loves to paint and hang out with friends. She does whatever she can to help others.

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