Fine Arts Area Closed for Lunch


As students hear whistles telling them to move from the halls, they march. Students that used to reside in the Fine Arts area for lunch have since been moved out and put into the cafeteria.

Many can not focus on homework or activities that they would like to get done during the lunch time period. The Fine Arts area provided this space for those who are like that. Although, the Fine Arts is not open for lunch anymore.

Students like junior Alexis Diaz, for example, believe that “students should have the option to sit outside of the cafeteria because it provides a quiet atmosphere with no distraction to get work done.”

Other students agree with Diaz in this aspect. “It’s not as noisy and you can have an actual conversation with people and have some sense of calmness during a time of lunch,” said junior Paola Marmol.

Many students have expressed similar thoughts. “It was a lot more peaceful to sit in a quieter and less busy atmosphere during the lunch time we have,” said senior Andrew Herold.

Principal Gary Springer has addressed the new move in lunch locations as well with the following statement: “We didn’t have tables or chairs to fit people so we made some part time tables to hold students for lunch. There was a delay on two orders for tables and chairs which caused a lack of supply for the cafeteria seating. The Fine Arts lobby was never intended for students to be eating there but it was a good spot for a backup of students.”

Springer has made sure that the orders are coming in and says they will arrive soon so they will be able to get the tables against the back wall out of the cafeteria and replace them with cafeteria tables. The objective is to have everyone be able to sit in the cafeteria, but he understands what students are saying about their reasons for wanting to still sit outside of the cafeteria. He also wanted everyone one to know that there’s no eating in the teachers room because of a potential pest problem with food being left in the rooms.