Amazon Shipping Problems


Amazon shipment has been backed up for a while. This problem has been affecting students’ gift giving and holiday shopping.

Covid-19 is the main reason that the shipping is being backed up. Amazon shortened the work staff  at most places, and with people ordering more things online it makes it hard with shorter amounts of staff member and more shipments.

“I ordered a toy for my little cousin birthday 2 weeks before his birthday. It didn’t come until 2 days after his birthday. It’s just really annoying the fact that I have to be so far in advance for anything I want or need,” said sophomore Christian Silva.

This problem has been going on for almost a year and know no one knows how much longer this will be a problem. Freshman Camden Fearon has dealt with his fair share of Amazon shipments being backed up recently.

“I have made 3 separate orders off of amazon since I heard about the shipment problem and the first time it took 2 weeks to show up to my house and ever since then every time I ordered something it has got a little better. The second time it took a week and a half, and the third time it took eight days,” said Fearon.

Even so, not everyone has been having problems.

“I have only been affected once by the backup and it was a few months ago. I tried ordering something and it took 5 days over the expected shipment time. Other than that time as of recently when I have been Christmas shopping everything has came in a reasonable amount of time,” said junior Jaeden Gasper.