The Cold-Blooded Killer: Drama’s Murder Mystery


Jaxon Curnow

Towards the end of the show, the cast lined up to celebrate their amazing performance while the audience applauded.

On April 12th, Drama hosted not only a dinner night, but a whole Broadway show. Since this event was completely put on by Drama students, it highlighted their ability to host and put on their own production. While the audience enjoyed their delicious home-made meal, students expressed their talent by presenting “Needle in a Haystack”.

The Plot

The story involves Bo Barret, an American Hero, who is found murdered in the Haystack Saloon. Throughout the play, the audience learns Bo’s past rivalries and enemies to make an attempt to determine who the cold blooded killer is. Through “thorough” investigation, many pieces of physical and circumstantial evidence have been brought to light.

By the end of the show, the murderer is revealed to be no other than Sally Jugs, a waitress at the bar. At this point, the audience now acknowledges the corruption that has been going on within the Haystack Saloon. Butch Barnes, the owner of the Haystack, has been named the Baconator due to his criminal participation in Pig ring fighting.

Not only is Barnes’ criminal activity the only suspicion, but he has been using the Haystack Saloon to launder his filthy money. In search of attention, the waitress Sally Jugs strikes her deadly move, killing Bo Barret through poison and becoming the next major legacy.

The Audience

Around 65 people attended the event and seemed to have a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The applause and participation was immaculate and well deserved by the cast.

Much audience participation was needed for the success of the show. Throughout the play, members of the show scattered throughout the tables where the audience was sitting during fighting scenes providing them with more interaction. Towards the end of the show, before the killer was revealed, the cast walked to each table to answer any questions the audience may have to make their final assumption on who murdered Bo Barret. One last line up was made to answer any burning questions the audience may have had. Questions varied from relationship status, possible motives, and of course the murder technique.

The use of props by the cast included bar tables, beer bottles, toy guns, and amazing costumes which added to the dessert and barn-like feel to the performance.


The tables available to the audience were set up with red plaid tablecloths which created an even more barn-like feel. Further, the waiters and waitresses were dressed the part by wearing barn attire such as plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots.

During intermissions, waiters and waitresses took the audience’s order of drink and food prepared by Mrs. Butler. At this time, the cast came around to answer any questions the audience may have about who the killer really is.

The Finale

Once the performance was over, the audience wrote down who they thought the killer was based on the events played out during the show. They turned in their paper and those who guessed right got a prize.

Overall, the play was spectacular. The cast performed very well and put on an amazing show, well enjoyed by the audience.