Black Student Union: A community for all


The official Black Student Union logo Photo Credit: @cscs.bsu on Instagram

With a new school year comes new classes, teachers, and students. One of these new things is our school’s Black Student Union (BSU) who held their first meeting on Wednesday, October 21st. This organization has many new ideas and events that they are excited to share with the rest of the school.

Since Charter has never had a BSU before, there are many questions about what this organization is and what do they do. Senior Vanay Lyttle, the president of the BSU, had lots to say about this new club. Lyttle was the first to develop the idea for this organization and has watched it grow.

“There’s always been a need for some kind of community for students of color at Charter, seeing as the school is predominantly white,” said Lyttle. “The club also serves as a means for educating non-POC on the issues their privilege might not allow them to see and on how to be a better ally.”

“While our main goal is unity and understanding among the student body” said Lyttle when asked about the goals for this organization, ”We do hope to have creative events, such as an open mic night, and at least one educational field trip sometime in the future”.

“People should join the black student union because it raises awareness to the oppression of black people,” said freshman Adinna Merchant. “and it makes an outlet for students to express their concerns about our community.”

And if that is not enough to convince you to come to the next meeting here is a little more from the president. “I would tell students interested in this club to come with an open mind” said Vanay. “I would also want them to feel welcome to bring any ideas they have to the table and know this club is beneficial to anyone and everyone”.

Meetings for the club are held after school every first and third Friday of the month and the zoom link can be found on the official BSU Instagram. BSU is a place for students to feel comfortable and safe to share there opinions and ideas about their culture; while appreciating other cultures.