Tired of the school iPad? Here’s something for you.


Cameron Khouri, Staff Writer

The iPads are notorious for constantly crashing. Here’s the perfect solution for at-home (and potentially in-school) efficiency.Introducing the Raspberry Pi (RPi)The RPi is a small mini-computer capable of (almost) anything. These are surprisingly affordable and easy to use (albeit with a bit of learning involved). The RPi starter kit comes with a Pi model with your choice of memory, (2gb, 4gb or 8gb) a standard RPi theme keyboard and mouse and a SD card with Raspbian (The RPi’s custom built operating system built atop of “Debian,” an open source Linux Operating System).How does this solve my iPad issues?Students who have computers at home can benefit from much easier multitasking. The RPi won’t unload your tabs or crash whenever you switch over to another app. The RPi features 2 HDMI outputs allowing for dual monitors (if you have 2) which allows for even better control. Note, you have to have a monitor to use this, it does not come with one.Is this a waste of money?It is not. The RPi can be used for anything, it can even be powered off of a USB power bank. Pairing this with an Arduino or other stuff allows for serious customization if you understand how to build electronics. It doesn’t have to just be for school work. Raspbian comes with Python (the coding language) pre-installed. Setup is fairly easy, coming with an SD card with Raspbian preinstalled. Just plug the SD card into the RPi and you’re good to go.Pros & Cons

Pros:• Affordable (The 4b 2gb Model is $35)
• Able to be extremely customized (Can be used as an automated Pet-Food dispenser, portable laptop, weather sensor and a lot more things)
• Perfect to learn computing, coding and Linux
• Amazing alternative for a mobile device.Cons:• Setup might be simple, but there’s a sharp learning curve, allowing you to use this in replacement of an iPad but not many other projects.
• If you want portability, you’ll have to learn how to solder and be able to 3D print.
• There’s no 3D acceleration meaning (video) game development won’t be capable.SummaryOverall, the Raspberry Pi is an amazing little computer capable of anything but if you’re just looking for an easy alternative to an iPad, it’s perfect for you.