Wordle World


Wordle is a game acquired by the New York Times (originally created by software engineer Josh Wardle) that is completely taking over all platforms of games and drawing people to become addicted to playing the game.

The game is played by guessing five letter words until you guess the word of the day. When you guess words, the game will color each tile: A grey tile means the letter doesn’t belong in the word, a yellow tile means the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot, a green tile means that the letter is in the correct spot.

The game originally came out in 2013 and the popularity of the game has been rising ever since. Just recently the game has seemed to burst in popularity.

Dylan Matlock, a senior at the school, has been playing for about a month now. “It makes me feel like a retired old man that does his crosswords every morning,” said Matlock. He said the community around the game is all around great because of its fun competitive side.

A junior by the name of Matthew Carter has been playing wordle for about a month as well, and has heard about the game through social media platforms and by seeing others play it. “Wordle unlimited makes wordle a lot more fun because of the ability to figure out more than one word a day,” said Carter.

It seems that the Wordle world is taking a strong approach to popularity among all ages. As the game plays out remember to keep thinking, and never spoil the word of the day.