Papa Bowl review


Papa Bowls

I ordered the new Papa Bowl and chose the Chicken Alfredo style. The Papa Bowls are medium-sized pizzas with a variety of toppings, but without the bread crust. The time it took for the food to be finished was about 15 minutes which wasn’t too bad of a wait. The box was presentable since it was clean all around, and when opening the box the Papa Bowl was in its own separate box, which made it difficult to take out the food and when finished, it was difficult to put back in. The box seemed to have carried a little amount of food which I hadn’t expected due to the box giving the appearance of there being more food.

The smell of the food was not the greatest and had given me concern about the taste of the food before even trying it. When taking the first bite of the Papa Bowl, the taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but when the aftertaste had finally kicked in, it tasted odd and made me hesitant to even finish the whole box. When continuing eating, the cheese had been very watered down and made it difficult to even pick up with the fork. It just didn’t taste good whatsoever.

I also had a problem with the mushrooms because they weren’t even cooked at all, so they tasted dry and stale, which made it hard to even continue eating them. Another ingredient that tasted off were the onions; they had also been watered down, were soft, and had no crunch whatsoever. The only good thing that was in the Papa Bowl was the cheese that was filling, but nothing else was good. Later on, when I was almost done eating the food, the taste had eventually grown onto me so I was able to finish it.

The flavors of the food and ingredients weren’t really sticking out, so it felt like I was just eating watered down cheese. It would have been better if the food had more taste of the actual ingredients that were supposed to be in there, like the chicken, mushrooms, and onions. When I finished the food, I was full and had no appetite, but if I were to go to Papa Johns again, I wouldn’t order the Papa Bowl. The only circumstance I would even consider the Papa Bowl again is if I was starving and desperately needed the food.

I would rate the Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl a 4/10 due to its lack of taste, the amount of water, and the little amount of food there was. I gave it some points due to the cheese being able to satisfy my hunger. But overall, I wouldn’t try eating this again. I would just get a normal pizza.