Opinion: The Chiefs WILL win the Super Bowl


The Chiefs are taking the dub this weekend. The teams in the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs (14-3) and the Philadelphia Eagles (14-3). The game is on Sunday, February 12. It is taking place in Arizona. The Eagles are the under dogs while the Chiefs have won multiple Super Bowls.

The quarterback of the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, is in my opinion the best QB in the league. The arm, range, speed and energy he brings to the game makes him that guy. He has carried this Chiefs franchise to multiple playoff appearances and wins.

The Chiefs have made it into one Super Bowl since Mahomes has been a QB for them in 2020. They played against the San Francisco 49ers, beating them.This upcoming Super Bowl is their second Super Bowl.

The Eagles aren’t good. Their playoff bracket was easy. They played against losing record teams such as the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals, who have lost more games than won all season. They can’t compete with the Chiefs’ offense and Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs are taking it home this Sunday.