Crash into OBX Premiere


WARNING: Contains spoilers

The long awaited Outer Banks Season 3 came out February 23rd. The season comprises of ten episodes, the first one being Poguelandia.

This episode opens up with everyone stranded on an island. JJ, Kiara, Sarah, Pope, Cleo, and John B all washed ashore there after the season two finale when they abandoned Ward’s (Sarah’s dad’s) ship.

At first glance, we see JJ and Kie together, it seems like something more than friendship will develop throughout the season. I’m excited to see what type of relationship the two will grow into as well as any drama that will unfold.

The characters seem adapted to the island paradise, but also desperate to leave. What seems to be to their luck a plane is flying around the island. Pope succeeds in lighting a signal fire, which leads the plane to rescue them. Sarah is almost certain that the pilot is an employee of her dad’s trying to capture the gang; however, she reluctantly gets on after John B convinces her to.

While on the plane JJ interrogates the pilot with questions which lead the crew to believe that this guy isn’t a friend, but rather an enemy. A fight starts between the two sides, and while this is happening the plane starts to get dangerously close to the ocean. The plan inevitably crashes, yet everyone survives. Just as the scene couldn’t get more chaotic, Kiara gets kidnapped by armed men. Her friends couldn’t rescue her as they would’ve risked being abducted as well.

We later see that Kiara was taken to a guarded property that looks extremely difficult to escape from. After being there for a few hours, she is taken to a room where she shockingly is met with Rafe, who was tricked into meeting a man seemingly interested in buying the Cross from him. Together, they come face to face with the man in charge, Carlos Singh. The man is under the belief that one of the two is in possession of a diary that can lead him to a city of gold. Signh wants that diary and it looks like he’ll do anything to get it.

While that is happening, the rest of the gang tries to find out where Kiara is and how to rescue her. Once they find Carlos’s facility they attempt to break in, but are met by aggressive guard dogs which force them to retreat. It’s going to be interesting to see if and how they’ll rescue Kiara. Adding on to that, I’m looking forward to seeing the role Carlos plays in this season and how the Pogues will take him on. With all of this going on, we also know that John B’s dad is out there and Sarah’s dad remains unconscious, both of these characters will most likely be brought into the plot later on.

Overall, being the first episode it wasn’t the most action packed and exciting compared to others in the Outer Banks series; however, it was still a pretty solid start. I’d rate it a 7/10 in terms of how much I enjoyed watching it.